The Karratha International Hotel at night time
The Karratha International Hotel at night time

Our top things to do in Karratha at night time

Most Western Australians will know Karratha by its red dust, the Pilbara landscape, the mining industry, and its extensive outdoor culture.

It’s not typically known for its nightlife.

But despite this, there’s more to it than meets the eye.

And while having a few drinks at your local is usually a recipe for a decent night out, we’re going to take a look at some things to do in Karratha at night that don’t involve heading down to the nearest pub.

Watch the sun go down after a round at the Karratha Country Club

One of the best things about Karratha is the beautiful weather. It’s perfect for life outdoors.

And that includes golf.

The Karratha Country Club was established in 1972 and is still going strong today, open to anybody who wants to play a round.

And whether it’s after a half day at work, a casual Friday afternoon, or relaxing on a Saturday, when the day ticks into the afternoon there’s no better place to cool off than walking across the 18 hole course, under the trees, perfecting your golf game. And then, as the sun starts to dip towards the horizon, it’s time to wrap up and grab an ice cold drink or two at the Club Room, watching the sun go down over the greens.

It’s the perfect recipe for a long, lazy evening with a vibe that’s uniquely Karratha.

Catch a show at the Red Earth Arts Precinct

The Red Earth Arts Precinct is Karratha’s premier arts facility. Designed by Hunt Architects, it’s a sight to behold, creating a striking landmark in the centre of town.

The undulating design mirrors the contours and shades of red dirt of the Pilbara landscape. Inside you’ll find a modern, state-of-the-art theatre and cinema centre, to rival anything available in Perth.

The 450-seat performing arts theatre plays host to a variety of events and functions, including plays, dance performances, musicals, comedy shows, and concerts. The cinema screens all the latest blockbusters and arthouse films, with regular showings in the evening.

So, head out to the Red Earth Arts Precinct, grab a drink and a snack at the kiosk, and settle in to make a night of it.

See the Staircase to the Moon

While Broome may be famous for its Staircase to the Moon viewing, it doesn’t have a monopoly on this event. If you’re lucky enough to be around at the right time, Karratha has a couple of viewing spots that are just as scenic, and far less crowded.

The Staircase to the Moon is a spectacular natural phenomenon that occurs between March and November each year during low tide in the evening. As the sun goes down, the ocean withdraws from the beaches, leaving the mudflats exposed. Then as the moon rises it creates the illusion of a shimmering golden staircase out over the water.

The best place to see the Staircase to the Moon in Karratha is at Hearson Cove. Just a 25-minute drive out of town, head out in the afternoon, bring a picnic and a picnic blanket, and settle in for the evening.

Moonrise occurs anywhere from 6:20pm to almost 9:00pm towards the end of the month. You can find approximate times and dates here.

Dinner and drinks at Luce Bar e Cibo

While we love a good parmi or classic beef burger, going out for dinner in Karratha doesn’t just have to be centred around the nearest pub.

For something a bit more indulgent, Luce Bar e Cibo serves up authentic Italian food in the heart of Karratha.

And it’s not just dinner, it’s a place to spend the whole night.

Start with a round of aperitivo, classic pre-dinner cocktails to whet the appetite. Browse the carefully-curated wine list featuring labels from WA and beyond, discover a selection of imported Italian wines that have been chosen to compliment your meal perfectly. Or if you’re in the mood for a thirst-quencher, there’s a range of beers designed to beat the Karratha heat.

Then, indulge in a selection of starters and main courses, featuring traditional dishes made from high quality, WA sourced ingredients. From bruschetta with heirloom tomatoes and stracciatella or charred Abrolhos octopus skewers, to ricotta gnocchi slow braised veal osso bucco or locally-caught fish of the day; or keep it classic with a selection of hand-tossed Neapolitan-style pizzas.

If you’re out with friends and family, the ample sharing menu features bigger servings of their staff favourites, ensuring that everyone has a chance to try them.

Stay the night with us

When you’re out for the night, you want to know that you’ve got somewhere comforting to come back to.

The Karratha International Hotel sits at the heart of town, so you can head out for the evening and come straight back in minutes, knowing you don’t have to travel far.

We’re just a three-minute drive from the Country Club, an eight-minute walk from the Red Earth Arts Precinct, and Luce Bar e Cibo is right on our doorstep. It’s the perfect place to spend the night—or the weekend.

So when you’re looking to make a night of your time in Karratha, get in touch with us to book a room at the Karratha International Hotel.