What we are doing to reduce the spread of COVID-19:

Contact Registration

In line with government requirements, each venue will maintain attendance records of guests for the purposes of contact tracing. Guests will be required to register using the SafeWA or Service WA App on arrival at each Prendiville Group venue. Check-in forms are available for guests without a smartphone. Guests will not be permitted to enter until registered.


All visitors to Prendiville Group venues including accommodation and food and beverage will be required to show proof of double vaccination against COVID-19 along with valid form of identification, unless an official medical exemption is held. If unable to provide proof of vaccination, access to the venue will be denied in accordance with Western Australian current government mandates and company policy.


When regulated by the West Australian Government, face masks are required to be worn by all employees and patrons.

The current mandate is applicable to the Perth and Peel and South West Region which requires mask wearing within all public areas indoors with the exception of eating, drinking and during vigorous exercise (within the hotel gymnasiums). Patrons without a mask will be offered a disposable mask or refused entry.

Physical Distancing

When regulated, guests and employees will be required to comply with physical distancing measures whileon property in accordance with government requirements.

Hand Hygiene

Convenient hand sanitiser dispensers are readily available throughout all Prendiville hotels and venues.

Cleaning Protocols

High frequency cleaning and sanitisation have been implemented across all Prendiville Group hotels and venues with an emphasis on high contact surfaces and frequently used areas.

We are committed to taking the necessary steps in line with health requirements and Government policy to ensure our staff, contractors, suppliers and guests are protected from infection.

All staff, contractors and suppliers are required to conform to the current vaccination mandates and the wearing of face masks.